6 past jobs that are no longer practiced.

Did you know that there were jobs in the past that no longer exist? Some were simpler, some more complicated. You can see them all in this article, so do not hesitate to read it. The world is constantly changing, and sometimes this change may be beneficial. We are talking here about evolution, which is a natural process to the human world and that can be perceived positively or negatively, depending on the person. However, it is certain that our lives have changed a lot, not being as it was during our grandparents or great grandparents. With this natural change, these 6 jobs have also passed and are not being practiced anymore. What do you think of them?
By Denisa Ricean November 12, 2017

1. Man for bowls

2. The person who gives awakening

3. Ice cutter

4. Man listening for enemy planes

5. Rat hunter

6. Lamplighter

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