10 examples demonstrating that people are not just thinking about themself

Although people accuse each other of being selfish, we never have to make the mistake of generalizing. People who have left their mark on the images below certainly have thought about the creatures around them. People change the planet every day through various methods. Construction, deforestation, demolition, etc. As a result of these facts, the nature is most affected by and the animals. However, in all this flow of change, there are also happy exceptions, as you will see in the pictures presented in the bottom of the article. However, keep in mind that the inventions below have been built in nicely developed countries, countries that have learned to coexist harmoniously with the nature around them. What do you think?
By Denisa Ricean November 12, 2017

1. Bridge for animals, Canada

2.Food for hummingbirds, Georgia

3.Road for turtles, Japan

4.Birds houses, London

5.Tunnel for animals, Finland

6.Automatic feed machine

7.Birds landing track, Villnius

8.Bridge for crab migration, Australia

9.Pedestrian crossing for hedgehog, Lithuania

10.Swimming pool for elephants, Japan

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