The dog that was disguised in a mop! Certainly the best costume.

If it is to rectify, "disguised" is a bit displaced. The best describing word would be "camouflaged," but we do not want to give more details. You can find out yourself what is about seeing this article, so what are you waiting for?
By Rosca Bogdan October 28, 2017
As you know, Halloween is approaching and you are tired of the same banal costumes you see every year. Well, this dog has found something totally different. It will surely inspire you ingenuity and courage, because it's a very fluffy dog with curly hair. In the context of a Kentucky contest, a dog named Keki stole all the eyes. It was "disguised" in a mop because it was a contest for the cutest and the funniest costumes. Let's see some pictures too.
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