10 US Presidents before and after the end of the mandate

As the pictures below indicate, it's not so easy to be a president, especially in the US. A lot of responsibilities and problems on the head that old age starts to get to them more and more.
By Denisa Ricean November 19, 2017

The presidents in the pictures below had a mandate of at least 8 years, and the difference is a major one. Although many of them have changed a lot, aging very much, there are also presidents who have not changed radically. Let's go a little lower and see the whole list.

Who do you think most aged?

In my opinion, Obama overpowered everyone in this chapter.

1. Abraham Lincoln

2. Franklin D. Roosevelt

3. Dwight D. Eisenhower

4. Harry S. Truman

5. Ronald Reagan

6. Richard Nixon

7. Barack Obama

8. John F. Kennedy

9. Bill Clinton

10. George W. Bush

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